The Last Cross Race of the Season and a NICE gift


Saturday’s road training was paused this past weekend so I could race my last cyclocross race of the season… The Chillercross race in Bellingham, WA. It definitely lived up to it’s name this year. Past years have been muddy or springlike, but this year it was 25 degrees. It was downright frigid and the course was slick! I went down about 4 times but still eeked out somewhere around 10th (the official results have not been posted). Besides the icey pavement sections and slick frosty grass, there was this rickety flyover that was still being bolted together when we got to the race. Chillercross_FlyoverWhile it looked a little unstable, it turned out to be the most entertaining part ofthe race. Guys were reliving their BMX days by attempting to catch some air while going over.

Giving Spirit

Sunday brought a nice surprise. I stopped by Paul Gerber’s house, a World Bicycle Relief employee, to get one of the Buffalo bikes to use in a promo video for Racing4Buffaloes (…stay tuned). First thing I noticed following Paul into his garage are the two Buffalo bikes and then the new Specialized S-Works hanging on the wall. Beautiful. H-O-T…Hot. I mentioned that I was trying to figure out if and how I might get a new road bike before the Trois Etapes race. My current bike has about 3 years of racing and a ton of training miles on it. Paul asked “What size do you ride?” I responded “51 or 52.” Paul then asked “Do you want that one?”, pointing to a Colnago CLX frameset with SRAM Red components still attached. “You can have it.” Free. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve only met Paul a few times and here he was giving me a carbon frameset with top end components. He was helping me out knowing I would be using it for the Trois Etapes, racing and fundraising for World Bicycle Relief. His act of kindness made my weekend and motivated me even more for the Trois Etapes!

colnagoI took the bike home, attached the handlebars, installed the seat, cleaned it up, threw some wheels on it, and started making some size adjustments.  That’s when I hit a snag… Too big. A size 52 Colnago CLX actually has a 54cm top length. Tried a short stem and slid the seat all the way forward (see picture). Too stretched out. I emailed Paul Monday to tell him it was too big and I would bring everything back, or maybe just keep the SRAM Red components and drivetrain. Paul told me to keep what I wanted, sell the frameset, and put the money towards the Trois Etapes.

Paul is the man. Hands down.


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