Dumbfounded by Generosity

Dumb·founded (transitive and intransitive verb)

  • make somebody speechless

Synonyms – Astonished, surprised, speechless, thunderstruck, etc.

Gen·er·os·i·ty (noun)

  • Kindness
  • Nobility
  • Substantial size
  • Generous act

Dumbfounded_CRDumbfounded by generosity.  That is what I am.  The last week has been outright amazing.  Last week, Randy and I officially made the “Big Push” in our fundraising efforts.  A lot of time, effort, and a good bit of anxiety went into the planning.  We were aware from the outset that there is a good chance that the fundraising part of this adventure could turn out to be far more difficult than the training or the race.  So it wasn’t without some trepidation that we agreed to raise a combined $30K while also paying our own way to get to France.  But then something unexpected happened…

But before I get to that, I want to rewind a bit to give some props where they are due.  Prior to even starting to actively fundraise, we reached out to a variety of friends to see if they would be willing to donate time, money or resources, and without fail, they stepped up to the plate. Big shout-out to the folks who have supported us: Natt, Vanessa, Patti D at Up Your Creative Genius, Gregg’s Cycles, Lifestyle Chiropractic, Magnolia Tech Support, Paracle Advisors, and Stanley (the thermos people!).

…So back to my story…Then something unexpected happened: generosity, a bit of serendipity, a dab of peer pressure and a robust employee matching gift program came together to blow the roof of this f-raiser! It’s true.  We put the word out to our colleagues at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and, not only did they respond, they mobilized. With no extra prodding from us they spread the word like wildfire, surpassing our goal of 225 bikes in less than a week! (Of course we still have to wait for the matching gifts to process.) I would love to think that it is all due to how cool Randy and I are, but the fact is that WBR is a very unique organization doing valuable work that resonates with everybody.

So what’s next?  WE ARE RAISING THE BAR! Rather than patting our own backs for a job well done, we are charging ahead and going for 375 BUFFALO BIKES! (Translation: $50K to WBR)


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